What would bucky do?

If you’re not familiar with him, this is a good short summary of a true avant-guard thinker who was way ahead of his time.

He was the creator of the geodesic dome and long before anyone was talking about climate change or renewable energy, Fuller was building natural systems that mimicked nature & talking about concepts like universal income as far back as the 1950s.

I registered the domain “WhatWouldBuckyDo.com” as an homage to him and his thinking as well as the foundation of a soon to be launched crowdfunding campaign in support of our EcoDome project.

Spaceship Earth

Buckminster Fuller was so far ahead of his time it’s incredible. Why more of his ideas haven’t been implemented is a testament to corporate greed since so many of his principals were focused on improving humanity instead of corporate bottom lines.

Building better communities under a dome

Sounds like science fiction doesn’t it? In fact, there is even a science fiction TV series about life under the dome.

The idea isn’t new. In-fact in the 50s & 60s, Buckminster Fuller who was an Architect best known for creating Geodesic domes. He even envisioned covering entire cities with energy domes that could direct water and control your environment.

I find the idea of managing your environment in a dome incredibly appealing.

With plenty of examples of domes used for greenhouse gardening, there is no reason to think you could control the environment in your home as well.

I’m a big fan of the ‘Earthship Building’ movement that Mike Renolds pioneered. Offgrid homes that are designed to maximize geography and bring food production into your home.

I won’t ramble too long in this, my first post here… but suffice to say that I see merging the concepts of Earthships with that of domes along with a few other innovative ideas including geothermal, aquaponic farming, aircrete, hempcrete & hemp plastic, can all be combined to create a low cost, visually appealing, self-sustaining building.

More importantly, a small community of these buildings, combined with some commons areas & buildings could be a model for other sustainable communities and a lovely way of life.