Experience life under the dome.

Domes are sacred spaces that minimize their impact on the earth. They are naturally strong, distributing their weight evenly.  Combined with renewable energy, they become uniquly mindful buildings.

We are building a Glamping network in uniquely beautiful places, using a crowd sharing model.

Sacred Geometry

Spirals are everywhere in nature for a reason, they are strong, aligned, supported shapes. Similarly geodesic domes use triangles to create one of the strongest, self supporting shapes which mirrors the C60 carbon molecule in nature.

The eternal why.

Why a dome? 

They are beautiful, airy spaces that don’t have support beams running through your space. We feel they are much more inspiring spaces and want to encourage their adoption for more uses, from Glamping to green houses.


Spaceship Earth

Buckminster Fuller was so far ahead of his time it’s incredible. Why more of his ideas haven’t been implemented is a testament to corporate greed since so many of his principals were focused on improving humanity instead of corporate bottom lines.

How to contact us

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